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Pearls And Floral Lace Wedding Shawl

Pearls And Floral Lace Wedding Shawl

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The long wedding shawl is a stunning and elegant piece, measuring three meters in length. It drapes gracefully over the shoulders, showcasing the delicate beauty of the bride. The shawl features an off-the-shoulder design, adorned with exquisite pearls and beaded lace, creating a luxurious and opulent feel. The intricate lacework adds a romantic and feminine touch. The combination of lace and pearls creates a timeless and classic look that is perfect for any bride looking to add a touch of glamour to your wedding day ensemble.



  • Length: 300CM
  • Layers: One-Layer
  • Color: Off-White
  • Material: LYCRA
  • Technics: Beaded, Appliqué
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