How To Pick The Right Veil

How To Pick The Right Veil


Dreamed of a veil for your wedding dress but unsure which style will fit? Well you're in luck!

Deciding which veil to wear is a difficult choice, with a large variety of styles ranging, many brides feel overwhelmed with this process and all ask them selves, how do i know which veil is right for my dress?

Depending on your wedding dress style, each different veil design will compliment it best. Here is a guide of which wedding dress designs work with what veil:

  • A very detailed dress- If your gown is heavily beaded or detailed, you can go with to different options. First one, a cathedral veil with some sparkle, whether its a pure glitter tulle veil, embellished with crystals or pearls veil, or delicate beaded work around the edge of the veil, its sure to bring in the beauty of the dress. Second, a classic plain tulle veil, no lace no sparkle, this option is for brides who dream of a veil but don't want to take away the sparkle from the wedding dress yet still have something gentle.
  • Long train- If your gown has a stunning long train as you cascade down the aisle, most veils work. From shoulder to cathedral length, this all depends whether you'd like to show of the train of your dress. If you decided to go for cathedral length, its advised that your veil length is longer then your wedding dress train.
  • A simple gown- If your gown is simple but still want to add some effect to your overall look,  you're best choice is a veil with added volume, whether its a multiple layer veil or one with horsehair edging, it will frame your figure beautifully. For a bride looking to add a more dramatic effect, your best option is a cathedral veil with lace edging.
  • Low-Cut Back dress-  a statement back is a breathtaking choice for your wedding dress, with this style you don't want a veil that distracts away from it, so think classy. A plain tulle, single layered veil is your way to go.
  • Bohemian dress- For your dream beach wedding, a chapel veil is your way to go, it will flow so beautifully in the wind and add that touch of elegance.

Here are the main tips on how to figure out your perfect veil, all choices and styles you can find on our website. Still unsure which veil is for you? No worries we will gladly help! Please email us on for further advice on which veil is for you

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