Bridal Veil 2023 Trends: The most popular styles

Bridal Veil 2023 Trends: The most popular styles

The styles of wedding veils are always changing, with distinct popular choices each year. There are hundreds of veil choices to go for, with styles never ending, but as with anything, trends begin. Here are a few popular veil choices for our 2023 brides that will make you stand out on your special day:

  • Two Tier Veils-  two tier veils are traditionally used to have one layer covering the brides face, while the other flows down the dress. The style of wearing them like that has been popular for many years, however recently that changed. Many brides this year pick a two tier veil not to cover their face, but to add extra volume. Whether you have two layers of tulle or horsehair edging, this veil is a popular and elegant choice to many brides seeking that extra touch to their gown.
  • Statement veils- These veils are here to create a show stopping effect, from cathedral veils with lace edging, to 3D floral designs, these veils create a bold effect to your final wedding look. 
  • Veils with writing- Writing a small yet personal message on a veil has become a very popular choice. Many brides are seeking that unique element within their veil.
  • Sweet touch of pearls- A popular choice with brides is embellishing their wedding dress with a pearl veil. These can vary from having a simple pearl edging or a fully scattered pearl veil. 
  • Mantilla veils- These veils origin from Spain and are becoming a hit with many brides, a standard mantilla veils consists of a full lace edging framing the brides face, or more modern having a pearl detail.

No matter what veil you pick, its most important you feel comfortable and amazing on your big day. With hundreds of styles to choice from, use these 2023 trends as a guide to help you find your perfect veil.

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